Work in progress- cuff bracelets newly painted

 Early stage sketch design


"I have an eye for detail and I find landscapes right down to foliage and vegetation very beautiful. My passion for plants and love of creativity have led me to believe I could express the beauty of vegetation to a wide range of people through art.
I first started experimenting with colouring metal in late 2013 with my first creations based on Eucalyptus grandis (Rose Gum) trees in my own backyard. I originally started making my prototypes by hand but now I get them locally laser cut.
As my wall art developed I created bracelets to compliment them. I feel like the bracelets are expressions of my crafty side and my love of colour and texture with layer upon layer of detail that makes every piece unique. My textured bracelets are my favourite as they are so different and tactile. 
I hope you like my creations! I can easily custom make items to match your dress/colour scheme as I make each item individually so please feel free to message me if you have any questions."

Kym - Galaxia Metal

 In the process of making a custom order

 In the process of making a custom order